Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I think it's important to relate your failures as well as your successes. In a past post I talked about starting red-wine vinegar. I had read where it can sometimes 'go bad', and if it starts to smell like furniture polish, to throw it away and start again. That's exactly what happened. YUK! What an awful smell. However, I have known people that have successfully made it so I am going to just try again. More on this later.
Cheese making, for the most part, has been a success. I've made some Farmhouse Cheddar and Gouda that tasted just fine. A couple of the first batches that I made were a bit bitter and I threw them away. But I have been eating some that tasted very good. With some things going on at home, including drywall/priming/painting and building a cheese press among other things, I haven't been posting a lot. However, I started another batch of gouda tonight, and want to start another batch of cheddar.
Hang in there, garden season is coming and I will have a lot to report. Though the Ohio ground is still frozen, I hope to be planting some early crops soon. My target date for the first salad from the garden is the first week of May.

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