Monday, March 16, 2009

Starting the garden

It's that time of year, time to get the garden started. I had a lot of winter 'junk' in the garden in the form of leaves, sticks and such that I had to clear and burn. I would have mulched it up with my mower but I need to buy a new mower, the old one has finally gone belly-up. Here's a pic of the slash-and-burning I was doing. I hope to get pictures every few weeks or so from this same place, as the gardening progresses.

From 2009 Garden

This past Saturday I planted 4 things; Salad Bowl lettuce (looseleaf), Bibb lettuce, Romaine Lettuce, Sugar Snap peas, and spinach (good ol' trustworthy Bloomsdale). I plant early by not worrying about tilling a specific area of the garden, an area saved for early crops. These crops won't last until mid-summer anyway, so I can till and plant more in this area later in the year (if I get time!)

OK, this next pic doesn't look like much, but this same are will look better in about a month. This is where I planted my first crops:

From 2009 Garden

I also pruned my grapevines, my sour cherry tree and one of my apple trees. I'm thinking about cutting 2 of my 3 apple trees down, they don't produce a good apple. I don't know the variety (Jonathon??) since they were here when I moved here. I have one apple tree that produces a nice apple for making applesauce and fried apples. It is probably a Granny Smith, but I dont know for sure.

On my ever-growing To-Do list is to soon plant some onions, scallions, more peas and anything else I can get in, weather permitting.

I'm making calzones tonight, look for another post on that!

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