Saturday, July 25, 2009

Waiting for the 'storm'

I'm in 'hurry up and wait' mode for the tomatoes and the Great Annual Salsa-Making Event. In the meantime there have been a few things to harvest. All of the garlic has been pulled, see previous post on Pickled Garlic.

I got my first tomato this year on July 16th, I think that is my record:

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Zucchinis have been coming on religiously. I had read where you can freeze zucchini, grated or sliced, and have frozen some. You can also blanche and freeze grated zucchini for winter bread making. Freezing zucchini, like many vegetables is easy. First you slice it:

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Then blanche for 3 minutes in boiling water:

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Cool it immediately in a sink of cold water. Ice water is nice, but I usually don't have much ice on-hand:

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Then place in freezer bags and immediately place in your freezer.

Eggplant has been coming on strong, and I will be experimenting by blanching and freezing it also. I have never done it, but have read that you can freeze this also.

Peppers are coming on strong too. I haven't had much luck in getting peppers to ripen at the same time as the tomatoes, so I chop and freeze those also. I will keep some fresh for making stuffed, grilled peppers and hope to post that soon.

After a couple of good rains recently, I looked in the garden this morning and I got a these goodies:

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I still have to pick some green bell peppers, and I have some "Fooled You" peppers. These look just like a jalapeno but are mild. I also have some oh-my-goodness sized cabbages and need to start a batch of sauerkraut.

Soon the 'maters will be coming on strong and it will be time to make salsa. Plus I will have all the fresh tomatoes I want for eating fresh! Yum! There is nothing like a simple burger graced with a slice or two of fresh garden tomato.

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  1. Nice music Junker! I blanched Zucchini and Sugar snaps today and froze them. I froze a bunch of rated zucc earlier this week.