Friday, May 29, 2009

Smarter Not Harder

Yes, I've been delinquent in not posting anything lately. There's been a lot that I could have posted, but that's the problem; I've been doing a lot!
I did want to share a huge time-saving idea, using plastic weedblock/landscape plastic on the garden. This saves so much time with weeding, and keeps moisture in the ground so well. Even in the heat of the summer, you can pull a little of the plastic back and the soil will be at least a little damp.
I buy the cheapest rolls of landscape plastic I can buy because it will only be used for one season.
From Cooking, Canning, Gardening

Then roll it across the ground where I want to plant:
From Cooking, Canning, Gardening

Next cut about a 6 inch cross where I want to plant:
From Cooking, Canning, Gardening

Then loosen up the soil in the hole:
From Cooking, Canning, Gardening

Next place the plant in the hole, firm down the soil, and water well:
From Cooking, Canning, Gardening

From Cooking, Canning, Gardening

I've been doing it this way for a few years now and can not imagine going back to all that weeding. And the plants do very well without all that water evaporating.

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  1. I tried this myself and found that the weeds will grow under the fabric and push it straight up. I was very frustrated the first year. I started building boxes, planting in them, putting in fabric and then raking up grass clippings and using as mulch over fabric.
    Tah dah!! I also align my boxes in perfect rows so all I need to do is run the rototiller down the walkways. Exception is my vining plants they need a little handwork. Preen is a great tool for that.