Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I have started this blog where I can relate my gardening, cooking and canning that I do here at the Junker Ranch(all .2 acres of it.) to you.
I started gardening about 1985 after I moved to central Ohio from Cincinnati Ohio. After starting a garden, I wanted to preserve my harvest. At first I was just freezing things, but got curious about how to do home canning. I learn while doing, so I asked my friend Chris B. to show me in person. She showed me how to pressure can beans in her home and I was off to the races. I quickly bought canning equipment for both water bath canning and pressure canning. I learned how to make jams and jellies, vegetable canning and fruit canning.
I moved into this house in 1996 and it is now a lot easier to do vegetable gardening and canning. I used to have to travel to a friend's property and bring the produce home. I have a 25 by 40 foot garden, and of course wished I had a lot more. The thought of a 5-10 acre piece of property for growing fruits, berries and veggies appeals to me quite a bit. Oh well. True contentment is being happy with what you have.
I hope to keep current with my cooking, canning and gardening activities with this blog even though we are in the advent of fall/winter. Stay tuned for recipes, hints and the activities that I am up to around here.

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