Saturday, April 10, 2010

April Garden Work

Things are starting to come alive here in central Ohio finally! The big snow melted a few weeks ago, the days started warming and I got to work.

With a grass rake I scratched in the mud and roughed up the surface, and planted a little spinach and lettuce. This normally works just fine, but I was disappointed in how little came up this time. I don't think that I covered it enough this time. Oh well, it was a start anyway. Here's the 'baby spinach' as it looks today:

And the rhubarb is shooting up:

And the asparagus:

After a couple weeks of warmer temps and sunshine, things started to dry out some and I fired up Ol' Bessie:

I got the whole garden tilled, this is unusual in early April. Unfortunately it rained right after this and I wasn't able to do much more. If we get another couple of dry days I can start some more planting. I want to plant more greens this year; more spinach, will try kale and also collards.
I want to plant a lot more spinach and try freezing it. I figure that if you can buy it frozen, then you can freeze it yourself. It appears from what I have read that it is just a quick blanch-and-freeze process.

So I am chomping at the bit, waiting for things to dry out a bit more.

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