Thursday, November 6, 2008

What do I do with all these leaves?

I started using the fallen leaves in my yard to my advantage some years ago. This is the easiest way I have ever used to get rid of my leaves, and they all go into the garden soil.
Using a mulching mower, I put the side guard down in the mulching position, where there is no discharge out the side. First I mow over the leaves, sometimes a couple of times depending on how many leaves I have. This will reduce a lot of leaves down to almost nothing. Next I put the bag attachment on to my mower and start going over the leaves again to collect them off the ground.
If the weather is conducive to tilling I will dump the leaves right into the garden and till them in. If it is too wet or cold to till, then dump them into your compost pile or make a pile on the garden. The first chance you get to do any tilling the following spring, till them all in to the soil.
This stuff is like gold in the garden. Many times you will see me going well into the neighbor’s yards to get their leaves up. However, I haven’t heard any complaints from them yet.

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